What are your thoughts? Do you think we need new laws to protect our mental privacy? Do you think thought police is coming soon? Do you have any suggestions? Leave a message and share with others.

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  • Amy


    The beginning of the end …


  • I think this is a great initiative, to let everyone know exactly what’s going on.
    I have been twice, the first time happened in Spain in 2010, the targeting lasted a couple of days, after leaving Spain ( after about two weeks) to get back to England as I thought I was being followed, all.my symptoms dissapeared pretty much after hours.
    The second time I was targeted in the UK. Ever since I have been suffering the effects of all these weapons. My Neurostrike symptoms are quite bad right now, since I moved to Bromley in Kent,my situation has worsened considerably. I.am warning everyone to avoid this area.
    You will find more information about my campaign and myself, a victim of Mind Control Technology in YouTube, Substack.com and Twitter @Evelyn_Dench


  • Constato che e’ la mafia che utilizza ogni sorta di tecnologia da remoto per impossessarsi di beni altrui mobili e immobili . E per non fare capire questo , inserisce nelle persecuzioni anche tantissime altre persone povere , affinche’ si pensi che si stanno facendo esperimenti .
    Gli esperimenti di cui si parla , suppongo quindi che siano solo coperture per reati di criminalita’ organizzata e mafia .(assassinii compresi).


  • In genere viene scartato da ogni pubblicazione tutto cio’ che scrivo io .Ma occorre che siano instituito ambienti dove potersi rivolgere per far verificare gli accadimenti lamentati


  • Thanks so much Peter for all your important efforts. Someone on X just shared your report on the gangstalking defs. I have always had a problem with wikipedia’s – not sure why someone more knowledgeable than me doesn’t “update” that page??? (Please do!!!) Also. please try to be active on X… I see your account…

    PPS: Nita Farahany was on the 2011 Presidential Bioethics Commission that did NOT A THING – none of them – she specifically dismisses TIs – It’s is really strange – she acknowledges the tech, but not use against TIs. Likely controlled opposition. Can’t believe she’s an ethics + attorney. Please do NOT promote her – but tell the truth about her bias for this tech and against TIs. I can send you some posts on this. I am @ProtectPatient1 – please @ me and I will link these posts.


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